Friday, September 12, 2008

Raising Girls!

We have such a battle at our house to find appropriate chothes for the girls - even Sarah. Once you leave the 6x sizes and move up to the 'tween' sizes - it all goes down hill!

Fortunately, the girls are very conscious of their modesty - they definitely keep me in check! The trouble is just finding the right clothes.

Here is a great post from the Girl Talk blog - written by the Mahaney girls. I LOVE their blog - it is so encouraging and quite often hilarious!

September 10, 2008
Fashion Advice from John Calvin

With the changing of the seasons come the new fall fashions. As we stand in front of the dressing room mirror or our closet at home, John Calvin, the great reformer, has two questions for us. In short, he wonders, what do our clothes say about our relationship to God?

“Where is our gratefulness toward God for our clothing if in the sumptuousness of our apparel we both admire ourselves and despise others, if with its elegance and glitter we prepare ourselves for shameless conduct?” and “Where is our recognition of God if our minds be fixed upon the splendor of our apparel? For many so enslave all their senses to delights that the mind lies overwhelmed.” (HT: Justin Taylor)

If other words, what brazen ungratefulness is expressed if we proudly admire ourselves for the clothing God has provided, if we dress to attract the attention and admiration of others instead of drawing their attention to God, and worst of all, if we dress to “allure men sexually?” What kind of “thank you” is this to God for His good gift of attractive, comfortable, and warm clothing?
And how can our minds be fixed upon the goodness and the glory of God if they are consumed with thoughts of what we wear? If we are preoccupied with the latest fashions, which (like the grass) will be here today and gone tomorrow, how can we worship and love the eternal Savior with all our minds?

Sobering questions as we consider fall fashions. I am convicted.

Good stuff - huh? Especially to share with our girls.....

Books I Am Reading

  • Humility by CJ Mahaney
  • Praying Life by Paul Miller