Sunday, August 03, 2008

What is wrong with this picture? Mom and Hannah are resting in Laurie's bed. It has been a long day for Grammy.....
Day 14 - and we are still singing praises to the Lord...

Laurie's Creatinine level is down .5 - she is now at 2.2 (I got my facts wrong on Thursday - she was 2.7 on Thursday and has gone down to 2.2....) If the decline continues for several days, they will take her out of "acute" rejection.
Mom, Hannah and I are at Shands, in Laurie's hospital room. I have not seen her in 7 days until this weekend and she really looks good. Her color is back in her face - without makeup. She is still scared and on TONS of meds but much more positive. Dr. Meier-Kreisch (the head of the transplant team --and the Dr. who she LOVES) has talked with her today and if her levels drop in the morning again, she can go home until Thursday!

Stay tuned...

She read this poem --weeping--that she got from a cancer magazine here:

One More Year...
You were right; I was wrong.
I prophesied death. But you said:
"I need time, at least one year
to rake the thatch,
to plant the seeds
if this year's garden,
to write letters
to my daughter's unborn son,
to clean the attic,
and blow the dust off
ancient heirlooms,
assigning each to those I love.
It's not easy
to weave a legacy.
It takes patience and thought,
talented fingers, an experienced eye.
For now,
I refuse to die.

She is listening to us as we tell her that God will continue to take care of her - in one way or another.

Love, H

Books I Am Reading

  • Humility by CJ Mahaney
  • Praying Life by Paul Miller